The Leo Model

  • Latoia Sasa-Tepania


he word Leo is the Samoan word for voice. My model uses the sound of my vocals to illustrate its values and principles in relation to one another. I am using an old Sabbath school song my grandmother taught me which is also the first Samoan song I learnt as a child called “My God Loves Me”

It is through songs I learnt the Samoan language, through songs I learnt of God’s love for me. Singing is one of my family’s strongest means of communication with each other. It felt natural to convey the Leo model through using the sound of voice. “In indigenous societies, oral traditions form the “distinct ways of knowing and the means by which knowledge is reproduced, preserved and conveyed from generation to generation” (McNab.D, 2013)

I believe the voice is the most important instrument we have and own. After much thought and numerous attempts with drawing picture’s and symbols to show my model through, I had come to realize, the Leo model is not meant to be drawn, it is meant to be sung. To see this another way, using vocals I can demonstrate my model in a more creative way which may be more appealing to the imaginative, creative, artistic and musically inclined.


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