Changing World: Music and Youth

  • Latoia Sasa-Tepania


Lights, camera, action!

It is all on from here, there is no turning back now. It is the dreaded fear of forgetting lyrics you know inside out, or messing up a simple dance routine where you have been over the steps a thousand times just before you step out on to the big stage.

These are pressures all singers and performers from professional, aspiring or experienced know of, but understand it is the learning from these experiences we become stronger and better equipped in our craft.

Much is to say about life with its ever-teaching experiences and growth in learning who we are and what we have to give. In this article, I will endeavor to take you on a journey introducing key people who have been positive driving forces in helping me navigate my way through life. You will begin to see why music and youth go hand in hand for me as you become familiar with my family, background and journey.

Blessed I am with having the opportunity to work closely with youth of all ages in my community, as a teacher of life skills and valued based programs ages from the new entrance to the intermediate level. I am also currently working as a facilitator and Programme Coordinator for a Careers and Peer mentoring based programme, both delivered to College level students. My positions place me in the necessary environment to be of positive influence with building positive relationships with rangatahi.

Apart from my love for teaching I am also a music recording artist. My love for teaching about values and principles and passion for music go hand in hand. The passion I have for both music and teaching youth has been inspired by influential teachers I have in my own family.

Both professions allow me to speak life, allow me to share experiences, shed light, bring forth issues I feel need to be heard and brought out into the open. Using music as a medium to teach and communicate through, enables me to reach youth in a more special, unique and creative way.

The reason I have decided to embark on this journey of Music and youth as I feel there to be a great need for good role models in music.

Role models who use their gifts of song and music to nurture, uplift and empower rangatahi. It is with hopes my talents and gifts in Music and teaching will help the future growth of rangatahi.


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