Wassup! Methamphetamine

  • Carmen Manuel


Defying the odds of methamphetamine (P)…The kaupapa is eXpressed through the lenses of personal eXperiences of an independent Māori wahine and the impacts these eXperiences have had on my life. To understand this unique journey of resilience in restoration of my mana and wairua I had to go back to my roots. In Te Ao Maori I found our whanau “TriX of the Trade” a modern platform with 3 interactive Kaitiaki; Whakapapa, Whakakoha and Whakamana. We call this Taonga Tuku Iho, knowledge passed down through generations to get us by. Once acknowledged connections to the healing process began “Taitimu Taiaha – The turning of tides, flipping the script and moving with the times”. The struggle makes us stronger giving us a stauncher positioning “Kia mau tonu tou mauri - Keepn it Real”


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Manuel, C. (2018). Wassup! Methamphetamine. Te Kaharoa, 11(1). https://doi.org/10.24135/tekaharoa.v11i1.227