I am Ngaitai – Ko Ahau te Uri: A discovery of Indigeneity

  • Vania Hotereni


The terms Indigenous and indigeneity are used to position groups of people who are classed with the same ideology. What is indigeneity and what is not indigeneity? What are the boundaries needed to belong and to utilise this framework? Do we as Māori or do I as a Ngaitai Women need to align and belong to an indigenous world for the pure intent to validate my own identity? Where does Te Tiriti o Waitangi fit in this space and how do I align my practice?

I am Ngaitai – Ko Ahau te Uri is a positioning perspective on the notion of indigeneity and also looks at the roller coaster ride through whakapapa and social work practice when utilising terms that have a political agenda.


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Hotereni, V. (2019). I am Ngaitai – Ko Ahau te Uri: A discovery of Indigeneity. Te Kaharoa, 12(1). https://doi.org/10.24135/tekaharoa.v12i1.265