Maori Are Scum, Stupid, Lazy: Maori According to Google

  • Steve Elers


The world has become more interconnected which has changed the way we communicate (Steinfeldt et al., 2010).  As technology has continually developed allowing instant online publication, an increasing abundance of opinionated discourse has appeared on the worldwide web (Chelaru, Altingovde, Siersdorfer & Nejdl, 2012).  From blogs that disseminate political ideologies, to hair and makeup tutorials, the internet has become a medium that facilitates unfiltered instantaneous communication to a potentially global audience.  While most users of internet services utilise the technology to engage in civilised dialogue, it does not require much effort to locate capricious behaviour in the anonymised online environment.  


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Elers, S. (2014). Maori Are Scum, Stupid, Lazy: Maori According to Google. Te Kaharoa, 7(1).